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  • Bridging The Gap.

    Our youth are exposed to a number of risk factors which increases their risk for problems such as poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and unhealthy behavior. One in seven American adolescents and young adults ages 16 to 24 is neither working nor in school…

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  • Case Management

    Referred youth/families will receive help needed to ensure the well-being of the youth. Case Manager will work with families to identify resources to increase parental involvement that will aid in systemic outcomes.

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  • Parental Involvement

    YWEP recognizes that parental involvement is a key factor in reducing high school dropout rates and increasing graduation rates. Parental involvement is defined as the participation of parents in every …

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Calling all Super Heroes! YWEP is requesting you put on your masks and capes. Use your gifts, talents, influences, and resources to answer the cries of tomorrow demanding change today.

Programs must facilitate youth development, postsecondary education preparation, and workforce pathways to ensure that all youth can Read more

Preventing Disconnection

Youth disconnection can lead to a labor force with too little few skilled workers to compete in today’s globalized, knowledge-based economy.. Read more

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