About Us

The Mission

To bridge the gap between parental involvement, education, and workforce development with a system of supports that prepares youth to compete in the global economy and build social skills, resiliency, and self-sufficiency.

The Vision

To see all youth possess a sense of purpose, graduate from high school and transition successfully to postsecondary education with parental involved support. Also to see all youth gain life skills needed to become thriving, confident adults.

Bridging The Gap

Youth World Education Project (YWEP), a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, is a collection of child-focused, evidence-based programs that aims to collectively build and strengthen the family unit by bridging the gap between parental involvement, education, and workforce development. Youth World Education Project is a holistic youth development organization. We are transforming youth through Parent Initiatives and youth programs.

Our youth are exposed to a number of risk factors which increases their risk for problems such as poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and unhealthy behavior. One in seven American adolescents and young adults ages 16 to 24 is neither working nor in school. The consequences lead to a labor force with too few skilled workers to compete in today’s globalized, knowledge-based economy, greater need for public assistance, the high costs of crime, incarceration, poor physical and mental health, and a heightened risk that the next generation will be caught in the same cycle.

Our Goal

Build connections between communities and both educational and employment opportunities is vital, as are community empowerment and greater investment in people and neighborhoods. Ensuring that families have the resources they need to help their children pass safely through the obstacle course of adolescence and early adulthood to realize their full potential. Ensuring that young people and their families know about and can access a variety of pathways to a productive adulthood is vital to the future: theirs and ours.